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      POME Oxy-Iron Fe3+ CapsulesPOME Oxy-Iron Fe3+ CapsulesQuick View
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    • POME Oxy-Iron Fe3+ Capsules

    • HK$298.00
    • Oxy-Iron Fe3+ Capsules use milder ferric iron Fe3+ ingredients, which can be directly dissolved and absorbed, replenishing iron to the body, assisting in manufacturing and removing free radicals. Contains vitamins C, B9, B12 and patented EGT antioxidants, supplements balanced nutrition for insufficient daily energy intake. Using special technology, the product can be mixed with milk products without rusty smell, and…
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    • POME Bone & Joint SupplementsPOME Bone & Joint SupplementsQuick View
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    • POME Bone & Joint Supplements

    • HK$360.00
    • POME Bone & Joint Capsules formulated with Japanese knotweed leaf and red ginger extracts, passed through Japan lab test, and combined with glucosamine hydrochloride and low-molecular collage. 5 in 1 effects improve joint problems with a clinical proved for 4 weeks improves knee joint problems, 8 weeks enhance knee joint flexibility, helps maintain bone density and prevent calcium loss. The…
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