Neofolics Hair Growth Stimulating Lotion


The new Neofollics hair growth lotion is a leave-in lotion helping to stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss, it improves upon the current formula through the addition of Neoxyl®, a novel ingredient in high concentration, boosting hair growth cells (HDPC) by up to 96%.

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1. Neoxyl®
– a proprietary blend of Aminexil®, Vividine™, Copper peptides and a five powerful plant extracts boasting results boosting hair growth cells (HDPC) by up to 96%

2. Efficacy Booster™
– Absorption is increased by using Liposome technology and Hyaluronic acid to bring the active ingredients to where they are most effective, the hair follicle.

A clinical test shows that the lotion:
– leads to a reduction of hair loss and a higher density of the hair
– is safe & mild for the skin
– has a high user satisfaction level (92%)
The lotion is easy to use because of the sprayer and the neutral colour.

The Neofollics Lotion has 4 different mechanisms to reduce hair loss and improve the growth and thickness of the hair:
– Stimulate hair growth factors
– reduce hair loss factors
– provides adequate essential nutrients
– maintain sufficient blood circulation to get them to the hair follicle

Apply the lotion to areas of the scalp where the hair is thinning. Use 3 sprays each for the crown and top of the head and use 2 sprays for each temple. Rub the lotion evenly over the entire area. Do not rinse. Apply 2 times per day for best results, preferably every morning and evening.

– After the lotion is absorbed, you can use the styling product
– Do not wash your hair within 3 hours after use
– Wash hands after use
– Store at room temperature
– Please keep this product out of reach of children
– For adults only
– Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women
– Avoid contact with eyes

Aqua, Alconol Denat. Eckionia cava extract Argilta, Diaminopyrimidine xite (Aminexiel Ryrrobdiny diaminopyranidine axide Vivides), Adenosime, vtis vindera seed extract. Comelbia sinensis teaf extract lEC Sanguisorba officinalis rool extiact Carthamus ictonus flower extract. Raspberry ketone. Socdkum hyaluronane Lysolecithin Liposomesi Xanthan gum Glycenn Levuic acid, Sodium ievulinate. Matodexten, Sodium benzoate Citric acid, Potassiurm sorbate, Sodium hydionide


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